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Blogging Hiatus

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

2020 is throwing us all curve balls left and right. The contributors I had lined up for the History Starts Now blog have had to redirect their energies to finding new ways to access materials because of the pandemic. So, I have been carrying the weight of the blog and the preservation mindset we wish to spread right now.

I was quite happy with the direction of the site and the blog until the design platform we were using corrupted some files when merging two sites. So, now the website of the blog and broader movement will redirect to my personal website until I have a moment to build it bigger and better post-Covid. Unfortunately, more than a dozen of my summer blogs have been corrupted in the switchover. Until I have time to re-format them, I have chosen to hide them from my website.

We are approaching the 6 month mark for the pandemic wreaking havoc in the United States. Although I am once again having some health issues with my eyes and wrist, which is causing some delays, I am happy to have avoided this new plague! My thoughts, however, are with those who have lost loved ones and many positive vibes to those essential workers keeping us all afloat.

For now, I'm putting my planned posts on hiatus so that I can focus on my recent move and give my eyes and wrist time to recover. I am pleased that the entire blog has not gone haywire, and the posts before the site error will give you a taste of my interests, thoughts, and style. Thanks for reading!

More on the way!

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